Studio apartment living can be both convenient and difficult. Chances are, you’ve sacrificed space to live in the location of your dreams–and this tradeoff has its pros and cons. Whether your pad is ultra-modern and lofty or just super cramped, you can make it feel like your very own castle with a few simple tricks for decorating studio apartments!

If you gravitate toward vintage and boho looks:

When you think about the term “studio,” what comes to mind? Often, renters think of artist, music and dance studios. One-room units have long been associated with creative minds, so use this analogy to your advantage!

Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you have an excuse not to decorate. Don’t waste time painting your walls. For a creative, bohemian look, keep the walls white and lay colorful decor on top. Find edgy, locally made and unique artwork at garage sales, on Craigslist or through Etsy, and cover your walls! Scour antique shops for vintage hooks and hang your pots, pans, coats, scarves and purses from the walls. White walls packed with colorful items creates an offbeat and totally creative vibe, and it frees up precious floor space for your furniture.

Another great decoration idea that matches this esthetic is to play up your artsy space with lots of books. Buy books at antique shops, used book stores and garage sales, and use them to create a really cool look. Stack them on either side of your TV, arrange them on shelves, display them across your dresser or coffee table–you can even stack them under lamps and vases! Old books especially do a lot to add style to a space.

If you gravitate toward modern and contemporary looks:

Modern decor calls for clean lines, great organization and zero clutter–a challenge in a studio apartment, to say the least. For lovers of modern design, the key to creating an awesome studio space is multi-purpose furniture and lots of storage space.

In the bedroom, invest in a Murphy bed that will fold up when you’re done catching zzz’s. Buy an old wardrobe at a garage sale and install shelves inside to create a tall dresser that can hold both clothes and other items. To make the wardrobe look more modern, remove vintage handles and knobs and replace with modern ones, and paint the wardrobe a metallic hue.

In the living room, you’ll want to invest in a coffee table that offers shelves and storage space. There are plenty of affordable items like this at IKEA. Use a full entertainment center around the TV to hold spare belongings. Don’t have the budget to buy new furniture? Buy a large slab of wood from Lowe’s, Menards or Home Depot. After sanding and staining it, attach it to industrial-looking legs that are long enough to keep the wood high above your TV. This uber-industrial looking shelf will create a makeshift entertainment center on which you can display your electronics, books and other necessities.