Your pets are likely just as excited for summer as you are. They get to play outside more often and go for longer walks. But with rising temperatures, it’s important to keep an eye on your furry friends to make sure that they’re comfortable and healthy.Keep these safety tips in mind as you enjoy the warmer months with your companion:

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

Even if you’re just running into a store or a friend’s house to grab something, Fido and Fluffy should never be left alone. Leaving the car windows down doesn’t do as much as you would think—the temperatures can elevate quickly, reaching up to 102 degrees after just 10 minutes. After all, would you want to be left in the car? Didn’t think so.

Exercise at the Right Time

If you’re planning on going for a run with your dog or taking him for a long walk, be careful about the time you go outside. It’s best to stay active with Fido either early in the morning or later in the evening.

These are the hours that the sun isn’t as harsh, and the temperatures won’t be as dangerous to your furry friend. If you do go outside in the mid-afternoon, make sure to limit the time you’re outside and avoid hot sidewalks and asphalt—stick to the grass.

Brush Your Pet

Whether you have a dog or a cat, your companion must be brushed regularly to get rid of all that excess hair. This will help them stay cool during the summer season and keep them properly groomed!

Know the Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is very dangerous to animals, just like it is to people. Protecting your pup and kitty from heat stroke means knowing what warning signs to watch out for. Drooling, mild weakness, difficulty breathing, excessive panting, vomit and seizures are a few symptoms to recognize.

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If your dog or cat starts to display these warning signs, get them into a cool area as soon as possible and use cold towels and ice packs to bring their temperature down. Then, take your furbaby to the veterinarian immediately.

Offer Cool Treats

When you get hot during the summer, you might reach for an ice cream bar or a popsicle. Your pet would love the same type of treat! You can actually make your very own pet-friendly treats that will help cool them off from the inside out (and satisfy their taste buds).

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Be Smart Around Water

Don’t automatically assume that your dog knows how to swim or that he loves water. Instead of throwing him into the pool, go in with him and gradually introduce him to the water to see how he reacts. If he doesn’t like it, take him out.

Avoid Toxic Flowers

If you’re going for a walk or letting your dog or cat roam in the backyard, make sure that there are no poisonous plants or flowers they could get into. Lilies, sago palm, tulip/narcissus bulbs, oleander, English ivy and chrysanthemums are just a few blooms that are dangerous to both cats and dogs.

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These safety tips can help keep you and your pet healthy and happy all summer long.



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