Child Safety: The Importance of Swim Lessons

Of all the amenities that appeal to families in search of an apartment community to call home, a pool may be the No. 1 pick. What could be simpler, healthier or more fun than spending time with your children or grandchildren while enjoying fresh air, a cooling respite and safe physical activity that’s great for everyone?

That’s the real keyword, though: safe.

And that’s where the importance of swimming lessons comes in.

According to the Center for Disease Control, roughly one in every five drowning deaths in the United States are children aged 14 and younger. And while adult supervision is of the utmost importance in helping prevent these accidents, swim lessons that help your kids (or grandkids) get comfortable and competent in the water – are just as critical.

Where can your child get the education he or she needs to ensure their safety? The options are myriad.

Off-Site Swim Lessons

There are a host of businesses, local and national – and often even those tied to your city or town – that offer swimming lessons at reasonable costs. Many rental management companies take an interest in resident safety; your office may have recommendations, so check in with them first.

Using the USA Swimming Foundation’s online search tool, you can find local providers of swim lessons not far from your community.

Questions to ask your chose program include:

  1. What skills will you teach? (Safety techniques: how to float, roll over, call for help, etc. should be taught before the “real swimming lessons” begin.
  2. What is the student-teacher ratio? Too many students are difficult for one instructor to supervise in a pool environment.
  3. What are the safety measures in place? Look for providers who have additional staff or lifeguards on the pool deck keeping an eye on the action.

Swimming Lessons That Come To You

YMCAs across America are among the most popular places for people to get swim lessons. And some of them offer a FREE program that’s just for apartment communities! The Safety Around Water program consists of a week-long program (parents or caregivers must be on-hand to participate with their kids) that teaches age appropriate aquatic readiness skills. Three tiers of learning cover kids from six months of age to teens.

The pool is a central feature in any apartment community, of course. It’s where the kids meet up and form friendships with peers in the community. And kids who know how to swim can also participate in other activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, water skiing and more.

Swimming is a wonderful activity that encourages healthfulness, increasing stamina, cardiovascular abilities, flexibility and offers skill challenges your kids will feel wonderful about mastering– plus it’s delightful during long, hot summers! Swim lessons are a vital part of setting your child up for success and safety.

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