While basketball courts and a private gym are a rather common additions to luxury apartment buildings, they can’t even hold a candle to the latest amenity offered at the 2M Street apartment complex in Washington, D.C.

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Holli Beckman, the vice president of marketing and leasing operations, is attracting residents to 2M Street with an adorable English bulldog puppy named Emmy. While the dog lives with one of the property managers, she spends her days in the building’s courtyard and leasing office where residents can stop by and spend some quality time with the pup.

Cutest Apartment Amenity

The idea of having a puppy become the mascot for the building was born after Beckman noticed how much people loved playing with dogs on the street. Emmy has since moved into the building and features in “yappy hours” and “puppy playtimes” for residents to meet up and play with the outgoing pup.

Pet Ownership Costs

Owning a dog in a major city such as D.C. comes with its own set of problems. Work schedules and tiny apartments often make it difficult to appropriately provide for a pet. Social dogs don’t like being left alone all day while the owner is out at work and city apartments don’t offer enough room for dogs to get adequate exercise.

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Combine scheduling and space restrictions with the associated monetary costs of taking care of a pet and it isn’t hard to see how difficult it is to take care of a puppy of your own when living in a city.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Such restrictions are a shame since owning a pet has been shown to have remarkable effects on an individual’s mental health. Psychologists have found that owning a dog can battle depression and other negative psychological conditions.

Dogs offer unconditional love, which has the capability of altering our moods. Nothing can make a bad day better as much as coming home to a puppy who tackles you to the ground and licks your face. Pet owners also benefit from the therapeutic nature of touch by petting dogs. The sense of touch has long been associated with mental health benefits, and the act of petting a dog activates those pleasure receptors.

A Pet for Everyone

Beckman and the team at 2M Street apartments have found a way to bring the benefits of pet ownership to their residential community without the associated costs. This makes Emmy the ultimate apartment complex amenity as she is every resident’s pet.

There are some restrictions on when and where residents can interact with the adorable pup, but this is a small price to pay for the ability to spend some quality time with a precious animal without having to worry about all the logistical aspects of owning a pet.

Emmy’s successful integration into the community has led Beckman to consider introducing more communal pets to different properties. One can only hope that a playful puppy will soon be a common sight in the lobbies of luxury apartments across the country.


Renters, what do you think of this new apartment amenity?


[Image Source: http://2mstreet.com]