You may think that once you’ve signed a lease for your new apartment and have packed up piles of boxes, your job is done until moving day. Not true! You’ll also need to complete an address change checklist. Even though the age of the internet means more communication than ever before is happening online, there are still a few people (and companies) you will want to notify before you make the big move. Use our easy address change checklist to make sure no one’s left out of the loop.


Before you do anything else, change your address with the U.S. Postal Service to make sure that any mail sent to your old apartment is automatically forwarded to you. It’s easy to change your address online: Simply go to the USPS website and fill out a quick form.

2. Utility Companies

Make a list of utility companies (you know, the people that provide you with gas and electricity, among other things), and pull up your most recent e-bill on their websites. You may be able to change your address online, or quickly call and provide your account number to inform them that you will be moving.

3. Magazines and Newspapers

If you subscribe to any magazines or newspapers, you will want to notify them of your impending address change a month or so in advance to make sure you don’t accidentally miss an issue. Most companies allow you to do this by logging into the subscriber services portion of their website.

4. Student Loans

Most apartment renters in their 20s and 30s are still in the process of paying back their student loans, so make sure that you visit the website of each individual servicer to inform them of your address change. This is a good idea even if your loans are on automatic payment, just in case they need another way to contact you.

5. Banks

You should also inform your bank of any upcoming address change. You have the option of visiting the nearest branch location, calling a customer service representative or logging into your account online to make the switch.

6. Cable and Internet

For millennials, this is probably the most important of all: Don’t forget to call your cable and internet company to let them know that you’re moving! They will likely need to send someone to uninstall your service and reinstall it in your new apartment, so make your appointment in advance to avoid being caught without internet access.