Becoming friends with other couples can be a challenge–especially in a new city. But once you do, it can be fun to double date at new restaurants around town and check out the attractions together.

[Getting Situated in a New City]

Try out any of these ideas for meeting new people that are far from uncomfortable:

Make Connections at the Office

Do you or your significant other have a buddy at work that’s in a relationship? If so, this may be the perfect opportunity to double date. Suggest to your co-worker or cubicle-mate that you and your significant others should go out on the town one night. This may bring you closer to your work friend and create plenty of more fun opportunities for couples night out!

Throw an Apartment Warming Party

Just moved into a new apartment? This is the perfect opportunity to throw a housewarming party!

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Invite friends and allow them to bring guests—you may meet other couples who are looking for friends to hang with on the weekends. Casually bring up a new restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try, and ask your new friends if they would like to tag along.

Go Online

Singles aren’t the only ones who can find their other half on the Internet. You and your significant other can hop online and create a fun profile on a dating site specifically for meeting other couples. and are both sites that allow you to look for other couples based on your location and interests.

Check Out Local Events

See what’s going on locally in your town. Maybe there’s a wine tasting happening nearby or there’s a city tour you can go on. These attractions are the perfect place to potentially hit it off with another couple—and you’ll already have something in common to talk about!