Apartment living often means being cramped in a small space, but who needs a massive house anyway? Smart decorating ideas for small bedrooms will make you forget how tiny your space is, while maintaining a stylish look without having to ditch any of your belongings.

Clutter be Gone

Clutter is the first thing that is going to make your small bedroom look even smaller! But we don’t just mean that pile of clothes lying on your floor. When you take a look around your room, can you see the baseboard? If not, you’ve got too much stuff in your room. In this case, think vertical in terms of storage. Taking stuff off the floor and onto the wall opens up the room instantly. If you’ve got a massive shelf, dresser and nightstand, you may want to downsize a bit. Getting rid of clutter also helps to create a more cohesive look in your small space.

Double Duty Furniture

Having a bed with drawers and shelves or a desk that is also a dresser allows you to utilize space that probably wasn’t going to be used at all. A bed with dressers is super helpful because your stuff will be much easier to reach compared with regular storage bins. Plus, drawers hide everything! You want to maximize your wall space so that you’ve got places to store your things without it looking messy. The great thing about furniture? You can always paint it to match the rest of your decor.

Create a Focal Point

If you’re looking for tips for decorating a small bedroom, you may want to consider the theme of décor you want. Then, you’ll want to create a focal point in your room that encourages the eye to look at it, rather than the tiny square footage. Find a medium to large sized photo or painting to hang above your bed or on a main wall in the room. Then take colors from it to decorate the rest of the space. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you don’t want your décor to look too busy. You may want to stick to a color scheme of two or three colors.

Allowed to you paint your ceiling? This may just be the ideal focal point! Adding visual interest to the fifth dimension of your room may open it up dramatically.

A Quiet Space

Creating a small reading nook or area to get work done can not only make your bedroom more functional, but it can make the space look larger. If you’ve got a big window in your room, put a small lamp and chair next to it for nighttime reading. You may just want to spend more time in your tiny bedroom, too!

Find Storage in Unusual Space

Renter’s rule of thumb–always think up. Adding shelves to your wall with baskets will allow you to keep your possessions concealed while still utilizing the ignored wall space. You can even get closed shelves that add dimension to your room!