Celebrities often become role models because they have the resources to give back to the community, especially when they are working on eco-friendly projects. Going green is a passion for many stars, making it a good idea to follow in their footsteps.

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Here are some tips for going green like celebrities:

Going Green Like Hilary Duff

When looking for a celebrity tip for going green, follow the path of Hilary Duff. She is famous for being a young Disney star, but she is all grown up now and is giving back to various environmental causes.

In addition to being an ambassador for a group that provides sanctuary for wild horses, she is involved with USA Harvest, which takes surplus food from restaurants and supplies it to soup kitchens and mission centers. You can take Duff’s approach and speak with the managers at restaurants in your area and have them pledge to donate their extra food to those in need.

Going Green Like Julia Roberts

This Oscar winner has her very own green guru to help her maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle. While chances are you can’t afford to hire your own coach to help keep you on the right path, you can follow Roberts’ lead.

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Roberts keeps journals to document her feelings and wishes for working to help the environment. Additionally, she makes her own natural cleaning products using essential oils for fragrance.

Going Green Like Brad Pitt

Pitt has worked with numerous sustainable design projects. He also helped rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina using green materials. You can be eco-friendly like Pitt by upgrading your appliances to energy-efficient versions.

However, there are many other (less expensive) adjustments you can make, like opening your shades to illuminate your home instead of solely relying on your light fixtures.

Going Green Like Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio fans have another reason to swoon over this mega star, because he’s also an environmental activist. He has worked on global warming documentaries and contributed to green charities. You can help combat climate change by switching up some of your habits.

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For example, if you carpool to work instead of driving alone, you are lowering your carbon emissions. Purchasing your food from local sources also helps the environment because it cuts back on the need for transportation.

Going Green Like Cameron Diaz

Diaz has helped produce an MTV show called “Trippin,” which explores the ecosystems of various regions around the world, like Nepal and Kenya. You can help Diaz fight the good fight by watching videos on sustainability and eco-friendly ventures. This will help you become more informed on green issues and learn additional ways you can help the cause.

Going Green Like Adrian Grenier

This “Entourage” star is known for a variety of green ventures like his work on the show “Alter Eco.” He is also revamping his Los Angeles apartment to make it compliant with the guidelines of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) organization.

Take a hint from Grenier and try to incorporate a eco-friendly component to various parts of your life. You can choose to wear natural fibers, like cotton, silk and bamboo. And when you are in the market for a new car, select an electric or hybrid model.