It’s about that time again, folks. Don’t do what you did last year and frantically look for gifts for your loved ones on Christmas Eve. By looking ahead of time, you can take advantage of holiday sales that can help you save some money. Don’t break the bank this year! Here are a few holiday sales tips to keep in mind while you’re searching for that perfect present:

Make a List

Before you head out to the stores, make a list of everyone you need to shop for and exactly what you’re planning on buying. By putting everything down on paper, you’ll have a better idea of how much you’re spending. This helps manage your holiday budget more effectively.

Start Early

Start your shopping before Thanksgiving this year. Keep your eyes peeled for items that your loved ones would appreciate. Once December is in full swing, you’ll be glad that you already have a few people crossed off your list. This will not only save you money by giving you time to look for deals, it will spare you lots of frustration. After all, who likes running through a store desperately trying to find the perfect holiday gift?

Compare Prices

Sit down at your computer and go through your list of what you have to buy instead of directly making your purchase. With a bit of online research, you can compare deals at various stores to get the best bang for your buck. It’s also a good idea to look at consumer ratings to make sure what you’re buying has received positive feedback. has user reviews and ratings that can help you find out which products are great and which ones are better left on the store shelves.

Never Buy Something Full Price

Paying full price for anything isn’t the best move. There’s always a way to find a discount – ask the store clerk if there is a friends and family sale, or if 10 percent off is offered to anyone who provides their email address. Plus, there are coupons online and in the newspaper for virtually everything. You just have to be willing to make the time to look.

Online Cart Abandonment

Want to get a discount on your online purchases? We’ve got a trick. Register for an online store, log in and place your items in your cart. Then, close the window. This exasperates dot​-com stores, and oftentimes, you’ll end up with an email reminder in your inbox, offering a 15 to 20 percent discount to try to close the sale.

Take Advantage of Cyber Monday

That’s right, Cyber Monday is a thing. It’s a spin-off of Black Friday that made its first appearance in 2005. What’s the best thing about Cyber Monday? You don’t have to deal with the ridiculous and sometimes scary crowds of Black Friday.There’s actually a Cyber Monday website where you can find online bargains all year long.