Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can get you into an apartment with access to an on-site spa! Luxury apartments in the nation’s big cities are making a concerted effort to up their amenity game for their ballin’ residents.

Those who can afford to live in an ultra-lux apartment complex will be treated to a host of amenities fit for a king. Here is a top 10 countdown of the most baller luxury features being offered at apartment buildings around the country:

10. Tanning Bed

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Tanning Beds

The Medici – Los Angeles, CA

Some apartment buildings are going all the way to ensure that their residents feel beautiful. If you simply can’t live without a late-august tan, be sure to apply to an apartment that features a community tanning bed.

Even in the dead of winter your skin will have the bronze glow of summer. But remember, just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should (nothing is more disconcerting than someone who has tanned their way to Oompa-Loompa orange).

9. Spas and Salons

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Spa Servies

Icon Brickell – Miami, FL

Forget the rooftop pool; some apartment buildings now offer full-service spas and salons, complete with hot tubs, steam rooms, massage treatments, hair stylists and manicurists. It’s a good thing too, because after paying your monthly rent at these places, you are going to need somewhere to escape to!

8. Library

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Library

10 Hanover Square – New York, NY

While most people have to settle for a shelf of used books hidden away in the communal laundry room, the residents of America’s swankiest apartments are treated to their very own private libraries. In addition to providing access to a world of books, the libraries are also a great place to retreat to for some peace and quiet.

7. Food Shopping

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Food Shopping

Cevallos Lofts – San Antonio, TX

Don’t want to waste time trudging to the grocery store on a weekly basis? Find an apartment offering food shopping services and you will never have to wait in line at the Whole Foods again. This unique amenity, also known as pantry service, sends out a personal grocery shopper to make sure you are always stocked up on your favorite snacks.

6. Jamroom

The Top 10 Most Baller Amenities at Luxury Apartments - Jamroom

Avalon First and M – Washington, DC

Forget the rinky-dink ping-pong table in the common room no one uses, luxury apartments these days are giving you new ways to have fun—like Avalon First and M, which offers its residents a soundproof “jamroom” where they can, well, jam.


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[Main Image Source: McClurg Court Center – Chicago, IL]