From the glistening colors of the Mediterranean to the tribal patterns of Africa, there are countless ways to enrich your home with international-inspired home décor—from simple global flair to a complete apartment makeover.

Apartment Decorating with International Flair

Here are a few apartment decorating tips to help transform your apartment into your dream oasis (without having to leave the country).

Apartment Decorating Inspiration: Asia

Travel-Inspired Apartment Decorating Tips_Asian

Along the Pacific Rim, the continent exhibits a balance between strong and subtle customs. Asian-influenced designs are most often associated with China’s elaborate carvings or hand-painted items, and Japan’s sleek and serene ambiance.

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For a more dramatic Chinese look, use deep colors like red with hints of gold—which are believed to bring good luck to your home. Consider adding carved furniture pieces or an oriental rug.

If you prefer subtlety, Japanese décor might be a better fit. Low tables and floor cushions can be re-purposed for dining areas, or choose to set the mood with softly lit rice paper lanterns and shoji screens that can be used both for décor or to divide a room.

Apartment Decorating Inspiration: Morocco

International Home Decor

Update your space with a combination of earthy and vibrant colors and let an exotic ambiance arise from Moroccan décor. Perfectly nestled between Europe and Africa, Morocco brings together two diverse cultures that combine to create a distinct and elegant design environment.

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Use silk fabrics with rich colors, such as a fuchsia, rustic orange and deep amethyst to create dramatic and luxurious draperies. Accent your space with throw pillows that have different textures or intricate designs. Try placing spice-infused candles or diffusers throughout your apartment to create a rich aroma that will transport you to the spice markets of Morocco!

Apartment Decorating Inspiration: Tuscany

Travel-Inspired Apartment Decorating Tips_Tuscan

For a more rustic look, try Tuscan designs that not only stress comfort and warmth, but are also inviting. From wrought iron décor to rustic stone accents and hardwood furniture, all elements appear to be worn out, yet cozy. Colors of the earth, such as greens, golden yellows, blues and brick reds, produce the ultimate feel of Tuscany.

Choose a family-style wooden table and display copper pots, terracotta containers and glass jars filled with pasta as accents around your kitchen. Hanging a braid of garlic within the kitchen area can add the final touch to complete your Tuscany-inspired home.

Apartment Decorating Inspiration: Latin America

Travel-Inspired Apartment Decorating Tips_Latin America

Diverse styles and cultures fuse together to embody a Latin American flair. From wood carvings to fabric weaves, Latin American art and design showcases the richness and unity of South America. Utilize warm colors like yellows, reds, and greens, to liven up your apartment.

A beautiful alpaca throw perfectly complements a simple sofa. The most unique furniture will be handmade and one-of-a-kind. Search for handcrafted tribal figurines carved out of wood or traditional Mayan-inspired paintings. Keep the room simple and let the artwork and design speak for itself!

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If you can’t take a vacation this year, consider traveling the world through home décor instead! Doing so might allow you a taste of the ultimate getaway, bring you back to your roots, or simply add color and flavor to your home through stunning artistic designs.

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