When you first move into your apartment, you focus on setting up your belongings. You plug in your router wherever you can, find a spot for laundry baskets and place bathroom items without much thought. However, all these little household items can create visual clutter.

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Try these decorating tips for hiding eyesores in order to design an organized and beautiful space:

Cover With a Painting

Thermostats, light switches that don’t actually turn on a light, and nicks and dents all don’t look very appealing in your apartment. Fortunately, you can cover them up with wall art. Paintings (or prints stretched on canvas) will be your #1 easy tool for finishing an apartment makeover.

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Go to the hardware store and purchase hinges. You can then drill the hinges first into the painting’s frame, and into the wall. Your art will act as a little door, covering up the eyesore when you want it to, but allowing you easy access (which is especially nice for things you actually have to use).

Enclose Routers With Decorative Boxes

Routers aren’t too bad to look at, but why display a black box when you can spruce it up? Start by getting cute boxes made of cardboard and covered in some fabulous design. These types of boxes are generally used for folders or photos and have that little metal piece on the front to hold a label. They also have lids.

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Cut a hole in the back of the box through which you’ll run the router’s cord. Put the router inside, thread the cord through the hole and place the lid on top. Bam! Now you have a pretty box on your desk instead of a plain old router.

Consider getting another box to stack on top (this is great if you have a router/modem combo), and perhaps a vase to make the still life look like a decorating statement.

Modernize With Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel appliances and countertops are super trendy right now. Unfortunately, your apartment might not be up to date on the latest home decor styles. Whether you have a vintage avocado stove or faux wood countertops, you can still get the stainless steel look.

Stainless steam film comes in a roll and can be applied to just about any of your household items. It’s super easy to use: Simply peel the coating on the back and stick the sheet to the appliance (spread it carefully to avoid air bubbles). However, you should definitely talk to your landlord before using this product, as the film doesn’t come off once it’s been stuck.

Hide Window Air Conditioners With Cafe Curtains

Window air conditioning units aren’t the prettiest, but you don’t have to live with the sight of these gadgets. Make or buy half curtains (or cafe-style) to hide the appliance.

If you plan on making the curtain yourself, get fabric and a tension rod. Sew a curtain that’s tall and wide enough to conceal the air conditioner, then run the rod through the top hem and stick it in your window frame. Doing this project yourself is fun because you can pick fabric that matches your decor.