If there’s one thing that Manhattan has plenty of, it’s celebrity residents. That’s no surprise. The Big Apple is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world! But where do celebrities live in NYC? Can you walk down any street and expect to see rich and famous faces? Pretty much! 

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While there are some neighborhoods that are fancier and tend to attract celebrities, you never know where Leonardo DiCaprio will head for a bagel or when. This is a city where actors, sports heroes, and musicians live. Unless they have assistants run errands for them, you can end up in line behind them at the drug store.

Where to Spot Celebrities in NYC:

  • West Village: If you want to increase your chances of seeing a famous face, one neighborhood to haunt is Manhattan’s West Village. The quiet streets here are home to actors including Jennifer Aniston, Susan Sarandon, Jim Carrey, and Daniel Radcliff.
  • SoHo: A bit farther south, in SoHo, you’ll be in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s hood. Billy Crystal and Meryl Streep live in this area as well (but not together!).
  • East Village: Over in the East Village, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have a place. So do Amanda Seyfried, Alec Baldwin, and Rachel Ray.
  • Upper East Side: On the Upper East Side, you’ll be more likely to bump into Tina Fey, Steve Martin, or Matt Damon.
  • Upper West Side: Cross Central Park to the Upper West Side, and that’s where you’ll find Bill Murray and Madonna.

It isn’t only Manhattan that’s busy with celebrity sightings. In Park Slope, Brooklyn, Anne Hathaway and Steve Buscemi have homes. Harlem, too, attracts recognizable faces. Bill Clinton has his offices up that way.

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