Choosing rooms can lead to roommate issues. If your apartment has a master bedroom, it’s almost certain that everyone will want it. Rooms with their own bathroom or the most closet space are coveted. Fortunately, deciding who gets which room doesn’t have to become a battle royale. Here are two methods for determining which roommate gets the master bedroom:

The Money Method

One way to make smaller rooms more appealing is by deciding that whoever has the master bedroom pays a little bit more in rent. Whoever is willing to dish out a little more dough can have the largest bedroom. You could also assign each room a more specific cost based on square footage.

This way is a little complex, but it goes like this: Add up the total square footage of the bedrooms. For example, if one room is 100 square feet and another is 85 square feet, your total is 185. Then divide the rent by 185, giving you the total cost per square foot of bedroom space. Finally, multiply the cost of a single square foot by the total number of square feet per room. This is what the person living in that room should pay for rent. Whew! This method of assigning bedrooms can get a little tricky, especially if math isn’t your best subject. Write the numbers down and calculate carefully.

The Lottery Method

If everyone wants the master bedroom, the best solution is the objective one. Have a friend who doesn’t live with you compose a lottery. Number each room and put the numbers into a hat or bowl. Next, he or she should write down the names of you and your roommates. Those go in a separate bowl. Finally, have your friend pick a name and subsequent number. The pairings indicate who gets which room. Be sure all the roommates agree on this method before going ahead with it. You must all accept the decision as final.

How did you and your roommates decide who gets the master bedroom? Tell us about it in the comments!