If you have just relocated and found an apartment in Minneapolis, Green Bay, or Buffalo you may have noticed something. It’s gets cold here—really cold. Don’t forget: Even if your pup loves the snow, you need to remember that your dog is doing some adjusting to the frostier temperatures as well.

Heated pet beds work just like an electric blanket. Insulated heating elements use electricity to create a toasty, welcoming sleep area for your fuzzy friend. Some run on battery power—which means making sure the batteries still have juice—and others plug in. Those aren’t good for animals likely to chew on their bedding or cords. We suggest finding one that does both. If you are going to be gone for long periods of time, you want to leave it on battery power and use rechargeable batteries.

Pet beds are not just a tool to keep your dog cozy. If your pet is elderly or arthritic, the extra warmth may do wonders for their achy joints. Owners of small, thin dogs will also find heated pet beds more practical than wrestling your pup into a sweater. While you are out at work or play, it may save you a couple of bucks rather than keeping the heat on all day.

Like any kind of purchase, do your research first. Whether or not a heated pet bed is a reasonable expense for you will depend on your pet, where you live, and how well your home is heated.