As the weather gets cooler, nothings sounds more fun and cozy than sitting in your apartment with a cup of coffee and doing some crafts while Ingrid Michaelson plays in the background. And if you’re anything like me, you are certain to have a bounty of wine corks lying around. Here are some wine cork crafts for jazzing up your apartment.

Wine Cork Crafts: Trivet

Try this out for a nice spot to set down your tea kettle (or wine bottle). All you’ll need are corks and good adhesive (a hot glue gun or super glue should work). Use your adhesive to stick the corks to one another until you have the width wine cork trivet you need. For a fancier look, remove the glass from a frame and glue your corks to the back. Let your art dry and you are ready for tea time.


Wine Cork Crafts: Coasters

These go great with the trivet because you can set your tea cups down on the coasters for a matching set. To make wine cork coasters, you’ll need the obvious–adhesive–a box cutter and cork board. Trace a circle on the corkboard in the size you’d like. Cut out as many as you need. Next, cut corks in half so that there is a flat surface. Glue the corks flat side down.


Wine Cork Crafts: Ornaments

Wine cork ornaments can go far. You can slip one over the neck of a wine bottle you want to gift or hang them on a tree. For this simple ornament, you’ll need one cork, jewelry wire and beads. Feed the wire through the center of the cork, leaving it long enough that you can loop the top and close off the bottom. Next, slip beads on both ends to your taste. Finally, close up either end.


Wine Cork Crafts: Wreath

The wine cork wreath is a classic that adds character to your bedroom door, kitchen cabinet or wall. The best part about this craft is that you can customize it however you want. You could do half of the wreath in cork and the other half in rubber grapes with any variation in-between. You could also add a label from your favorite bottle of wine to the mix. It’s all up to you and what you want for your decoration. Start by collecting all the components you’d like to see in the final product. You’ll also need a plain or blank craft wreath that you can find at any craft store. If it doesn’t have a string to attach to the wall, get some twine or a ribbon. You will also need a hot glue gun. Begin gluing the items you’ve chosen on top of the plain wreath and watch your creation come to life.


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