It’s a new year, which means that many of us are trying to eat a healthier diet.  Less sugar, more veggies, right?If you’re like me, salads and other cool veggie dishes are very unappealing when the temperatures are hanging steady below 32F.  Luckily, vegetable soup recipes are a great way to up your vegetable intake while warming yourself from the inside out. Here are some ideas for you during National Soup Month:

Butternut Squash Soup


Whenever I make this, I basically feel like I am creating something out of nothing, and I wonder how a soup with such a short ingredient list can possibly taste so good.

Really, it just takes a squash, a little butter and cream, some onion, and a few spices, and you have a bowl of colorful, nutritious, and delicious soup.

Plus, butternut squash are plentiful and cheap this time of year, which makes this a very economical dish.

Find the recipe here.

Carrot Cardamom Soup


If you’re in the mood for more yellow soup, check out this one from NomNom Paleo.  Chef Michael Ruhlman shared this recipe, so whip up a batch with confidence!

This one combines root veggies, apples, and chicken broth to make a smooth soup that’s packed with nutrition.

(If you hate cardamom, feel free to leave it out, or sub curry powder for the cardamom.)

Find the recipe here.

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Like butternut squash soup, this is a blended soup that tastes like far more than the sum of its parts.


Also, it not only includes broccoli, a high-nutrient veggie, it also includes spinach, which is considered to be a superfood, and chicken broth, which boasts a range of health benefits.

Find the recipe here.

Cream of Tomato Soup


You can buy this in a can, of course, but making it from scratch takes it to a whole new main-dish-worthy level, and it’s really not that hard. Plus, you can include nutritious homemade chicken broth when you make your soup from scratch.

Ina Garten’s recipe calls for vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, but since it’s winter and vine-ripened tomatoes are a faded memory, just substitute an equivalent amount of whole canned, unseasoned tomatoes.

Find the recipe here.

Lettuce Soup


I know, right?  Who knew you could make soup out of lettuce??  But Emeril Lagasse does it, and so does America’s Test Kitchen and two such trusted kitchen fixtures must be believed!  

Find Emeril’s lettuce soup recipe here.

Bonus Recipe

Most of these soups call for chicken broth, and while you can certainly use store-bought broth, homemade broth can’t be beat for taste and price.

Here’s how to make homemade chicken broth that’s crazy delicious.

Feeing inspired now? Kick the salads to the curb ‘til spring and go make a big pot of veggie-filled soup for dinner tonight (and lunch tomorrow!)