Almost every celebrity you see walking the red carpet is in phenomenal shape. Even women who were recently pregnant look as if they never had a child in the first place. So how do they do it?

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Well, some probably get liposuction. But others spend hours in the gym with their trainers in order to get that body that everyone envies. Get in shape with these simple workout tips from celebrity trainers:

Move Every Day

Working out doesn’t have to mean hopping on the treadmill each day. Instead, find different ways to keep yourself moving. Bodyism founder James Duigan who has worked with supermodel Elle Macpherson, suggests doing yoga one day and going for a brisk walk the next.

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If you’re doing different activities each week, you’ll be working all parts of your body and you won’t get bored with the same workout over and over again.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

It can be tempting to rest for a long period of time in between exercises. But this not only prolongs your workout; you’re getting less benefit. If you’re wondering what type of workout tips Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes receive, it’s to spend only about 20 to 30 seconds resting. Their trainer is Joe Dowdell, president of Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning Center in New York City. Taking less time to rest will cut down your workout time and improve your endurance.

Do Squats Before Lunch

Even if you’re at the office, you can burn calories and give your metabolism a boost by doing squats before lunch. Duigan suggests completing about 20 to 40 repetitions. Find a private spot, whether it’s the bathroom or the break room, and give your legs a quick workout. Plus, it’s a great way to energize yourself when you’re feeling sluggish midday.

Remember to Breathe

Simply focusing on your breathing can help your workouts be more effective. According to Mark Blanchard, trainer to Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, being mindful of your breath can bring extra oxygen to your muscles and give your workout a boost.

Get Your Workout in Early

Jeanette Jenkins is the celebrity trainer of former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland. Jenkins suggests setting your alarm for 7 a.m., hopping out of bed and heading to the gym. This way, you start your day feeling energized and you get your workout out of the way! Then you won’t have to come home from work at the end of a long day and come up with an excuse to skip the gym—you’ve already gone!

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