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After a few Saturday nights of dinner dates and movie trips, you may begin to question whether or not you should take your new love interest back to your apartment. Before you do, you should make sure your place will make a good first impression.

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Check out our room-by-room guide to getting your apartment ready for love and our tips for making your guy friend feel as comfortable as possible in your place, without breaking the bank!

Start with the Living Room

The living room is the very first thing that your date will notice—so be sure to show it some TLC! Keep your home smelling clean and fresh—wash those dirty dishes; throw out any leftover Thai that could be reeking up the fridge; and light a simple, crisp candle that won’t smell like the inside of the Yankee Candle store.

A way to subtly flaunt your personality without saying too much is by showcasing your favorite books or magazines on the living room table. Having Cosmopolitan and Fast Company on hand can display that while you love dating advice, you care about things that don’t involve the Kardashians. Stack your recently read books nearby—they can lead to conversation starters and you can learn something new about each other.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, or so they say. Your kitchen should not only be inviting, but it should also be clean. In fact, in a recent dating dealbreakers survey, 15% of guys said that seeing a stack of dirty dishes in the sink is a major turn-off.

Swing by the grocery store to stock up your pantry, but don’t go crazy—just have some snacks and beer on hand to nibble on while watching a movie. Try to be courteous of simple refreshments that he may enjoy, but don’t feel forced to buy anything that you know will go to waste once he’s out of your place.

Scrub Down the Bathroom

A dirty bathroom does not make a good first impression. In fact, the cleanliness of a bathroom could be a potential relationship-ender. According to’s dating dealbreakers survey, 41% of guys think that a dirty bathroom is grounds to ending the relationship.

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Imagine if you were at your guy’s apartment and there wasn’t any toilet paper available or mold was growing in the shower. You would be terrified of having to use the bathroom and would not even go near the shower without flip-flops! Scrub down your bathroom so that your date won’t have to question whether or not he can walk into the bathroom sans shoes.

Give Extra Love to the Bedroom

Keep those photos of Grandma, Mom, and Dad in the living room—while guys say that they enjoy seeing photos in the living room, looking up at your mom’s smiling face in the morning can be a bit of a buzzkill for him.

You want your bedroom to represent you in a way that no other room in your apartment does. The color of your walls speaks about you as well. Blues usually translate into a calming environment, while rich reds and oranges tend to inspire creativity.

Lighting can affect the mood of a room—too much or too little sun can leave a negative effect on your space, so grab some curtains. Pick out ones that are medium tone so that sunlight can be absorbed but still leaves room for sunshine to peek through.


In the end, inviting someone into your personal space is a sign that you want them to be there. Don’t end up ruining a potential relationship over unwashed dishes or a clogged up bathroom sink.


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